Our Team

At Distillerie De Loos, our focus is on altering the lives of individuals who have actually been impacted by alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or co-occurring conditions. Distillerie De Loos is an elegant, cutting-edge, alcohol and drug rehabilitation detox treatment center. Our 2 estates, 65-bed center are positioned on 2 acres of land which uses panoramas and privacy. Our helpful recovery environment, and multidisciplinary group of extremely certified personnel, makes Distillerie De Loos the most ingenious setting for you to start your journey to recovery. We understand how the illness of addiction has actually impacted you psychologically, physically and spiritually, in addition to the effect it has actually had actually on your loved ones. Because of this, Distillerie De Loos aims to fix and restore your life through extensive treatment and thoughtful care at our accommodating, high-end addiction treatment center.

Here at Distillerie De Loos, our function is to construct a structure for a restored, enhanced future. We require time to completely evaluate our customers, in order to establish a customized treatment strategy that is customized fit the special needs of each person. This is done by analyzing the level of addiction and any underlying psychological health problems. By including our innovative understanding and research study into addiction treatment and recovery, our selection of important treatment programs and corrective treatments can help you accomplish long-lasting sobriety.